Organic Island Skincare Review


I'm continually surprised by amount of beautiful, 100% natural brands that are on the market these days. We have so much choice now, and with brands, formulas and packaging becoming more sophisticated, it can get a little tricky telling them apart.

The Organic Island is an Australian organic skincare and baby care range. Every product contains Certified Organic ingredients, and is 100% natural and/or naturally derived, as well as being Australian made and Cruelty Free. 

I've been trialling the Paw Paw Lip Salve, Nourishing Hand Creme, Active Antioxidant Day Creme, Deep Nourishing Night Creme and Restructuring Eye Creme for several weeks. 

I live in a climate that is extremely windy for most of the year, and especially so once Autumn and Winter arrive. My hands, lips and skin in general always ends up really dry, so I have to apply something daily to prevent my skin from becoming uncomfortable, irritated and chapped. 

I love the packaging for this brand - airless pumps are my favourite dispenser for face and eye creams, because it not only protects the product from air exposure, but it also means every last drop is used up. I also like the squeeze tube for the hand cream and lip balm - they're easy to dispense and you can get out the very last drop. 

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Paw Paw Lip Salve 25ml / SHOP

I remember the big fuss a few years ago when people realised that a certain popular papaya lip salve was basically just vaseline, with a minuscule percentage of actual papaya extract in the formula. 

Well, the good news is, this lip salve is so much more than petroleum jelly and a drop of papaya — it's completely petrochemical free (of course), and is rich in healing, nourishing ingredients. Cocoa butter, Organic Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, Vitamin E and of course Papaya, all work to heal, hydrate and keep lips smooth sand soft. 

This lip salve has become my hero product. I received it during a week when I had the flu, and my lips were raw, swollen, peeling and very very sore. Nothing was really helping, except a calendula and vitamin e cream. I put a generous layer of the Organic Island Paw Paw Lip Salve on and my lips felt instantly soothed. Within a few days they were healed up completely.  In my opinion, this is much better than a lip balm. The texture is slightly sticky and thick - almost like a gel, but it thins and warms with touch. It also feels really soothing on the lips, stays on and hydrates (unlike some balms which I feel just stay on top without actually doing anything) and looks like a clear gloss. 

Aside from repairing and preventing chapped, peeling lips, I actually like using this to really plump my lips prior to applying lipstick. It also works well over colour and looks quite pretty (because it does have a really glossy finish) on it's own. 

It's also nicely priced at under $10 and in a generously sized tube (most lip balms are around 10ml-15ml), so you can have one for home, your bag, the kids, office etc.

Nourishing Hand Creme 100ml / SHOP

This hand creme isn't greasy like a LOT of creams are, and absorbs really nicely into the skin. I also find a little goes a really long way. One 20c-sized piece will do both hands and arms up past my elbows. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and hydrated, and I noticed a difference pretty quickly in the softness of my skin. 

The texture is tricky to describe - it's definitely cream-like, but there's also something about all of the products that feels a little bit gel-like. As I said, it's tricky to describe, but you'll know what I mean when you try them. Regardless, it's a really lovely product, and I never feel like I have to wash any residue off afterwards.

It contains NOP Organic Lycii Berry, Olive Leaf, Rosehip, Avocado, Vitamin E and Macadamia, as well as Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil and Beeswax. I've also been using this anywhere else on my body that feels in need of nourishment - arms, legs, elbows - wherever. Very hydrating and very light!

Restructuring Eye Cream 30ml / SHOP

This formula uses powerful active antioxidants including NOP Organic Eye Bright Extract™, Rosehip, Sea Kelp, Green Tea and Olive Leaf.

Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

The eye cream has a similar texture to the hand cream - very much a cream, but a hint of a gel to it. A creamy texture, but with a little bit of "stiffness" so it holds itself in a peak if you put your finger into it. 

I find this really hydrating, and it's definitely helped with fine lines and dehydration. A tiny bit goes a long way - I used about a half pea sized amount for both eyes and all round the orbital bone. My skin feels softer and more moisturised, but I haven't noticed a difference in dark circles from this cream. If lines are your issue, however, it's definitely good for those!

I've been using it both day and night and it also works well under makeup - it doesn't pill/ball up at all, and keeps my skin looking fresh. If you struggle with dryness under makeup, I'd also recommend using this creme first. Let it absorb for 10mins or so before makeup. When I use it in the evening, I wakeup to my skin still feeling really hydrated, which I also think is why it's so good for reducing lines and wrinkles.

Created with powerful antioxidants including Rosehip, Olive Leaf, Sea Kelp, Green Tea and Vitamin E. Delivered using Si02 Matrix, OliveM 1000 and Lexfeel Natural.

Scientifically formulated to effectively protect your skin against everyday elements that cause dry and uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

Active Antioxidant Day Creme 100ml / SHOP

This creme is again very similar in texture to the hand and eye creme. I personally find it a bit heavy for my face, but I've mentioned many times in the past that I'm very fussy with face creams, and I usually prefer oils and balms. 

I do really like this for my décolleté, however (which I can't stand using oils on). It's very hydrating and has helped with the appearance of fine lines, which I seem to get easily when my skin is lacking moisture. 

Overall, I think it's a great all-rounder, especially if dehydration and fine lines/wrinkles are what you are looking to combat, and you want soft, smooth skin. 

Deep Nourishing Repair Night Creme 50ml / SHOP

Like the Day Creme, I found this a little heavy for my face, but I love it for my neck and décolleté. It's very moisturising, without being heavy or tacky or leaving a residue behind. It absorbs quickly and like all of the other Organic Island products, a little goes a long way. 

Active antioxidants - Rosehip, Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Macadamia and Vitamin E plus our advanced breakthrough formulas are combined to create a luxurious crème. Your skin is intensely nourished overnight to reveal a dramatically improved, replenished and re-energised complexion.

Clinically proven to increase skin hydration, reduce fine lines and reduce pore size. I've also found it to help with my skin tone - it's more even and supple after a few weeks of regular use. Again it's brilliant for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and keeping the skin hydrated and smooth.

My thoughts overall

I LOVE the Paw Paw Lip Salve and think it's a MUST-HAVE for Winter, or anyone with dry or chapped lips. I also really like the hand creme. The eye, day and night cremes are all really good products, especially for those with dry, dehydrated or mature skin, and if you want an easy, simple to use routine.

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