Hush & Dotti Liquid Foundation & Gel Eyeliner Review (and a discount)


Hush & Dotti is a brand I've heard so much about, but never had the opportunity to try until now. A stunning new store on the Gold Coast, the Clean Beauty Market is the first Australian stockist to carry this line.

The Clean Beauty Market is a space to rival Sephora or Mecca Cosmetica - where you can experience leading and cult green beauty brands, many of which have only been available online up until now. A green beauty lover's heaven!

All of the staff at the Clean Beauty Market are Makeup Artists and Skin Specialists, and offer Makeup Application redeemable on your product purchase! And if you are new to clean beauty, you can take in your makeup bag and the gorgeous girls at the CBM will help you swap to cleaner versions of your much-loved products. How fun does that sound?! 

The Clean Beauty Market also holds regular workshops and makeup masterclasses on natural makeup and skincare as well as other health and beauty related topics (i.e. beauty gut health connection.) I interviewed Erin Norden, the founder of the Clean Beauty Market earlier this month if you'd like to have a quick read here.

I have been trialling the Hush & Dotti Liquid Foundation in #2 What the Buff and Black Gel Eyeliner for the last few weeks - read on to find out what I think (and grab yourself a discount code!)

Hush & Dotti Liquid Foundation in #2 What the Buff / Buy now

100% natural, with many Certified Organic ingredients and nothing to clog your pores, this liquid foundation has a delicious soft mousse-like texture. It actually reminds me of the consistency of melted chocolate when I first dispense it out - smooth and thick and luscious. 

It feels very light on the skin - not at all oily or heavy - and has a light dewy finish. 

The coverage is easy to adjust from sheer to medium. I couldn't quite get full coverage with this foundation, but I was pretty impressed by how beautifully it evens out the skin tone, and with very little effort. 

It isn't one of those liquid foundations that takes a lot of blending or tricks to get a smooth, flawless finish. You can just throw it on and you're done!

The Hush & Dotti Liquid Foundation stays put all day - I set it with a little powder, as I do with any liquid or cream because it just ensures everything stays put. 

The shade

 This was a little off for me - it is slightly too dark and the undertones are slightly too pink. It isn't off in a really noticeable way, but I would need another shade or to mix it for a perfect match. For the record, my skin tone is Light to Medium (on the fair side) with neutral to warm undertones.

You can view the full ingredient list here.

Hush & Dotti Black Gel Eyeliner / Buy now

This impressed me the moment I cracked it open. It is 100% natural with Certified Organic ingredients, and of course, both products are Cruelty-Free. This eyeliner does not budge.

I swatched it onto the back of my hand, rubbed it, ran it under the tap, and it still wouldn't move. It is creamy, richly pigmented and goes on smoothly. (I use this brush here to apply it) The black is nice and dark and it is easy to create a crisp, clean wing or tight-line the lashes. 

Even with all day wear, it doesn't fade or move or leave me with 'panda' eyes at the end of the day. I'm in LOVE.
You can view the full ingredient list here.

Overall & a discount

I like the flexibility of the Hush & Dotti Liquid Foundation - anything that can go from sheer to medium to a more medium-full finish is always a great product! The dewy finish also leaves the skin looking fresh and youthful - never flat or dull or like you are wearing a mask! I also really like how light it feels. Often liquids can feel heavy or icky, and this doesn't. The texture is dreamy!

The eyeliner is AMAZING. I have been reaching for it every day. Seriously my new "holy grail" eyeliner!!

You can shop Hush & Dotti in Australia at the Clean Beauty Market, and use code LIBERTYGREEN to save 10% off when you order. Valid until November 30th 2017.