Feed your Gut & Skin Health with Imbibe Beauty Renewal & Miracle Collagen

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A lack of the good guys in the gut can create inflammation, affecting the integrity and protective function of the skin. This can lead to a drop in the microbial power of the skin to fight infection and can create inflammation. Research shows that small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a condition involving inappropriate growth of bacteria in the small intestine, is ten times more prevalent in people with acne rosacea, and that a correction of gut flora can create a marked improvement in this particular skin condition.
— Naturopath Anna Mitsios, via Imbibe

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about gut health, the microbiome, microbes & probiotics, and the direct link between our gut flora and overall health. (the Melbourne Museum even has an exhibition dedicated to gut health and how it impacts our mental health at the moment!)

Did you know that the health of your gut flora is directly linked to the health of our skin’s microbiome?

What you eat & feed your gut impacts the condition of your skin and overall health more than anything else — and why beauty really does start from within ;)

One of the best ways to feed the good flora in the gut is with fermented foods and probiotics, and one of my personal favourite ways to do this is with Imbibe’s Beauty Renewal.

Based in Byron Bay, NSW, Imbibe products are designed to feed your gut, ease digestive discomfort, are bio-available, bio-fermented, probiotic rich, sugar free & gluten free . On top of all that, the Beauty Renewal is absolutely delicious!

Imbibe Beauty Renewal & Miracle Collagen

You only need to take 15ml of the Imbibe Beauty Renewal daily, added to water, juice or my favourite — sparkling water for a delicious afternoon treat! It is rich in skin-supporting ingredients such as bio-fermented coconut water, grapeseed and pomegranate which work synergistically to promote gut health and skin hydration. It also includes approximately 6 billion probiotics per serve to nurture and support your gut health and digestion.

The Imbibe Miracle Collagen is as bio-active formula with 18 amino acids (both essential and non-essential) and is scientifically designed to transform and stimulate collagen synthesis and skin elasticity from the inside out. It supports skin, hair & nails, and is scientifically formulated to plump and firm your skin from within. Within a few weeks of taking the Imbibe Miracle Collagen daily I noticed my nails were much stronger than they’d ever been (I have no issues with growth but they always break quite easily).

Alongside my skin feeling radiant, and my nails being much stronger, I also felt my energy levels were improved when I was taking both the Beauty Renewal and Miracle Collagen. I don’t suffer from any digestive discomfort so I can’t comment there, however, I did feel that the Beauty Renewal was especially beneficial at helping to restore my body’s balance after several courses of antibiotics and surgery late last year.

You can mix the Miracle Collagen into water, tea/coffee, juice etc or take it with the Imbibe Beauty Renewal in sparkling water. The Miracle Collagen is completely tasteless & colourless, and dissolves completely, so you can add it to any liquid you like without it impacting the flavour.

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