Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser Review & discount

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We choose active, potent ingredients that are based on nutrients, antioxidants, and advanced phytochemistry. We carefully research each of our botanicals to determine their most active principles and then each is extracted and added to our formulas in a way that preserves its most effective medicinal components. 
— Blissoma Skincare

A good cleanser is an important step in your skincare ritual. Whether or not you wear make-up, it is important to use a cleanser daily. Our skin encounters a lot in our environment each day - from general impurities, dirt and build-up to removing make-up or pollution. 

I've tried a few different cleansers with varying results. I like my cleanser to not only remove all make-up, but also to really cleanse my skin on days when I'm make-up free.

Blissoma is 100% Certified Vegan, Cruelty Free, and their formulas are free of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances. The Blissoma Cleanser is also gluten-free.

The Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser is an oil-based cleanser. Now, before you disregard it, I never would have known had not Eve from Eve Organics told me when she suggested this cleanser to me. There is no oiliness whatsoever and it is a bit between a thin cream cleanser and a lotion in texture, and also has a light exfoliant from the brown rice flour and willowbark. This cleanser doesn’t leave any residue or make a mess the way straight oil cleansers can.

I've been using the Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser for a few weeks, and noticed an improvement in my skin almost immediately. As a cleanser based on the oil-cleansing method (also referred to as the OCM), the Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser draws all the impurities from the skin, without leaving it dry or stripped of its natural oils. Instead, my skin feels very fresh, clean and hydrated. This cleanser removes all traces of make-up with just one cleanse/use (2-3 pumps), so you don't have to double-cleanse just to remove your make-up. 

The brown rice flour and willowbark gently exfoliate — and note, it is very gentle. It isn't intense enough to replace your regular exfoliant, but if you have sensitive skin, it is gentle enough to not cause irritation.

My skin type is normal, with hormonal breakouts. Until recently, my skin was quite happy, but more recently it became dull, was breaking out, and looked altogether stressed out. This cleanser has helped enormously, and has given my skin back its glow! 

I've also noticed the hormonal breakouts have been lessened. Within the first week, I noticed my skin looked brighter, cleaner, pores were less visible and my skin in general just looks healthier. I was actually quite surprised by the difference a cleanser has made to my skin. I thought my skin had felt clean before (with other cleansers), but I was also surprised by how fresh my skin feels after using this.

The packaging

I love the design of this — the bottle itself is a recyclable brushed metal finish, with a white pump. Pumps are definitely my preference for cleansers, as they make it easier to get the product out whilst in the shower.

The Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser is 118ml and retails for around $50AUD, which is pretty reasonable considering how effective it is, and also when compared to other cleansers (size and price). I've been on the hunt for a cleanser that will actually make a difference to my skin, rather than just taking the make-up off - and this is it. 

I will definitely be re-purchasing, and I think my hunt for a really great cleanser might have ended here. Blissoma is available from Eve Organics in Australia and you can use code LIBERTYGREEN15 to save 15% off your order.