Earthwise Beauty Green Leaves & Co Oil Review & Discount


I very rarely see - and never expect - overnight or instant results from a skincare product. The "miracle in a jar" mentality is an idea sold to consumers by marketers with the sole purpose of shifting product. 

However, when a friend sent me a sample of the Earthwise Beauty Green Leaves & Co Oil, it was love at first try.  After applying just a few drops before bed, I awoke to radiant, clear skin that was noticeably more even and had a dewy glow. I was stunned! 

The Green Leaves & Co Oil has a light herbal scent, and contains only the highest quality of ingredients. Founder & formulator Ava does not compromise on quality, nor do her products contain any fillers (even 'good' oils) whatsoever. Just pure, raw ingredients beneficial for the skin. 

I cannot stress it enough - quality makes such a difference to the results you will see with skincare and make-up, especially when it comes to oils and botanicals. The Green Leaves & Co Facial Oil is cruelty free, vegan, cold-process, handcrafted, 100% natural and preservative-free, as well as delivering amazing results.

In warmer weather this will be liquid due to the coconut oil in the formula, but in colder temperatures (generally below 25° Celsius) it will set and become firm. The glass jar has a screw top lid and is absolutely filled to the brim - so you will need a small spatula or spoon to scoop out the oil. Also a word of caution for those in warm climates — make sure to have the jar resting on a flat surface when you unscrew the lid for the first few uses (or pop it in the fridge to set) or you WILL spill it. And if you do find you make a mess of your jar and have oil running around the thread, pop it in the fridge, then use a spatula once set to put the balm/oil back into the jar.

Earthwise Beauty conveniently offers sample sizes for all of their products, so you can try before you buy, and the international shipping isn't bad, either!

Formula and Results

I really was so surprised by the overnight difference this one little oil made to my skin - those pesky hormonal breakouts are lessened considerably (yay for that!) and if I skip on this my skin just does not look the same. If your skin is a little lack-lustre or you have breakouts, I highly recommend you get yourself a sample (or full size!) of this oil. 

Using this religiously for a few months was the best thing for clearing blemishes, and I use it every 2nd or 3rd night now.

You may find with initial use that blackheads seem more prominent or that little pimples pop up — this balm seems to soften clogged pores so that they can work their way out (or be manually extracted with minimal effort) and afterwards my skin (particularly blackheads on my nose) is much clearer!

if you have issues with coconut oil and your skin

I still strongly recommend you order a sample of this oil if you are dealing with breakouts. I don't usually like coconut oil, but in this it doesn't feel greasy and I cannot emphasise the difference the quality and processing of the oil makes. Ignore all of those comedogenic oil ratings. They don’t account for quality and this actually works to clear my pores — not clog them.

The Green Leaves & Co Oil is quite lightweight and after massaging 2-3 drops into my skin, I allow it to sink in for 2-3mins before applying my other skincare. Experiment with the amount that is right for you, but start very sparingly. A little goes a long way and I don’t find I need much to see results.

Overall & discount

All I can say problems? Head to Earthwise Beauty and find something suited to your skin type STAT. Honestly, I can't believe the difference this oil has made and I can't wait to try some other products from the line!

You can use code LIBERTYGREEN to save when you order from  Earthwise Beauty or shop the range in Australia here with code LIBERTYGREEN15.