Nat's Organic Lab Lip Balm Review

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I go through more lip balm in a month than I do milk…well, maybe not quite, but I do reach for it multiple times a day, and can’t leave the house without it.

The fact that the skin on our lips doesn’t produce oil like the rest of our skin, and it’s much thinner than everywhere else might just have something to do with my perpetually dry lips, and my need for a killer lip balm. Hence why I’ve tried dozens of different lip balms over the years, all promising to hydrate and moisturise but not all living up to the hype.

Nat’s Organic Lab is a Canadian-based brand, specialising in organic lip care. Their products are 100% natural and include certified organic ingredients, plant-based oils and butters to nourish, hydrate and protect the lips. Alongside four different flavoured lip balms, they also have flavoured lip scrubs which sound heavenly (hello Chocolate with Cacao & Maple!)

Nat’s Organic Lab also ships internationally for quite low postage for those of us down under ;)

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Nat's Organic Lab Lip Balm in Coconut & Lavender Review

I’ve tried both the Coconut and Lavender flavours of the Nat’s Organic Lab Lip Balms. Aside from the ‘flavour’ difference, there’s also quite a formula and texture difference between the two.

The Lavender Lip Balm is quite firm in texture when first applied to the lips, but softens with the warmth of your skin. The scent is subtle, and doesn’t really linger. The texture and finish of the Lavender Lip Balm is matte, yet moisturising. I love it alone, but particularly for prepping my lips for lipstick or even wearing underneath lipstick. The Lavender Lip Balm is probably my preferred out of the two, as I love the matte texture, but it’s just personal preference.

The Coconut Lip Balm has more of a traditional texture and slip to it, without being oily. The overall scent and flavour of the Coconut Lip Balm is the peppermint oil, but it’s still quite subtle and not overpowering. I find a lot of lip products overdo the peppermint oil to the point of discomfort or irritation, but I’m pleased to report that this is more of a refreshing feel, that doesn’t linger too long.

Both lip balms are very moisturising and long lasting. I don’t have to reapply too often throughout the day or overnight, and my lips haven’t once become chapped! The only way these could get any better would be if the Lavender Lip Balm came in a tinted version, although it brings out the natural rosy colour of my lips quite nicely! Both are probably some of the best lip balms I’ve ever tried.

You can shop Nat’s Organic Lab here.