RMS beauty Master Mixer


RMS Beauty is one of my absolute favourite brands - with Rose-Marie's (brand founder) less-is-more philosophy, product performance and quality of ingredients, it isn't hard to see why rms beauty is a cult brand.

I keep my collection of make-up products pretty streamlined and to a minimum (perhaps with the exception of my lipstick collection...), but as soon as I saw the rms beauty Master Mixer I knew it was coming home. 

The rms beauty Master Mixer is a delicious rose-gold hue, and isn't just a highlighter.

You can mix it with any other product, cream or powder, to create your own custom colours, add dimension and luminosity. You can see a close-up of my skin here which shows the truly radiant, luminous quality of this product (better than the below photo). I love using this as a warm highlight paired with a bronzer, or just blending it over my foundation to give the most beautiful all-over glow - without any shimmer or sparkle. 

If you have the rms beauty Living Luminser, you know the texture and finish of it is quite a "wet" look. The Master Mixer is drier in texture than any other of the rms beauty products, but it is still blend-able to the point it melts effortlessly with other products.

Application Tips 

As I mentioned above, you can use this with any other product. Cream, liquid or powder, it doesn't matter. Play with colours and experiment to find a look that is unique to you!

For an all-over luminous glow:

After applying my foundation (full look details below), with a light touch, I simply dab the Master Mixer over the top with my finger tips, blending lightly. 

For fuller lips:

With an added dimension, simply press the Master Mixer over your lip colour into the centre of the lips with your finger tips, and blend out.

For a bronzed look:

Use the Master Mixer as your highlighter, rather than the usual white or golden-based hues, and pair with a bronzer for the ultimate golden glow. You can also use this in place of a natural blush for a healthy, warm flush, as a highlighter (to cheekbones, cupid's bow and inner corner of the eye).

Rose-Marie has a short video here with application techniques.

Look Details (in order of application)

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I purchase all my rms beauty from Beautylish.

You can also purchase rms beauty here:

USA & Canada / Citrine Beauty / The Detox Market

Have you tried the RMS Master Mixer yet, or any others from the brand?