The Best Organic & Natural Lipsticks


I love the combination of a nude eye with a bold lip. Instant, effortless glamour. I don't usually wear much eye make-up, other than a bit of eyeliner with a subtle flick, and I love how the right lipstick can transform a look.

So naturally, over the years, I've collected and trialled quite a number of lipsticks. Below is a list of all the organic and natural lipsticks I own and have tried over time, what I love about them and why.

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Axiology Elusive 1.jpg

Axiology lipstick

Glides onto my lips like butter. Unusual range of colours (including black!) which I love for those that like to get a little daring! The pigment depends on the shade, some are more sheer/subtle colours, and others are completely opaque.

Packaging: Recycled paper/Recyclable gold metal tube

Ingredients: 100% natural & 100% naturally pigmented

Wear: Long wearing, more hydrating/moisturising like a balm

My current favourite shades are Hoopla & Sway, both in the Cacao Lip Colours. Both the Lipsticks and Cacao Lip Colours have a semi-matte finish that is completely matte once blotted. Both options are very moisturising & pigmented but they stay put.

Packaging: Recyclable metal tube (or plastic if Cacao Lip Colour)

Ingredients: 100% natural or naturally derived. Some shades have a small amount of synthetic pigment.

Wear: Both are long lasting (6-8hrs), very pigmented and have good staying power

hynt beauty little ondine 150.JPG

Packaging: Recyclable metal & plastic tube 

Ingredients: 100% natural or naturally derived, and free from synthetic pigments

Wear: Colour is very concentrated, not at all sheer, and doesn't feather or bleed but is more balm-like than lipstick.

Hynt Beauty's Lipsticks not only look super pretty, come with a handy mirror hidden in the lid (and a lip balm), but they're also very moisturising and feel super comfortable on the lips. These also have a softer look on the lips than more matte formulas, which is perfect for those that prefer the look & feel of a balm but want more pigment!

ilia beauty tinted lip conditioner pink moon swatch 01.jpg

These were one of the first natural lipsticks I tried, and they don’t disappoint. The Tinted Lip Conditioners are just as pigmented as the Lipsticks, although with a slightly sheer finish.

The new Colour Block Lipsticks all have 100% natural pigment and wear beautifully!

Packaging: Recyclable metal tube

Ingredients: At least 72% Certified Organic, some contain a small amount of synthetic pigment, where others are 100% natural pigment

Wear: Creamy, and hydrating, don't slip around, feather or bleed. Long-lasting pigment (6-8hrs)


I find these lipsticks creamy, but they take a bit to warm up. The lipstick is intensely pigmented — you can blot and wear just as a stain or layer it up for a full, rich colour.

Karen Murrell can be found in Priceline stores across Australia.

Packaging: Recyclable metal

Ingredients: All natural or naturally derived. The pigments are a mix of natural and synthetic pigment, depending on the shade

Wear: Highly pigmented, long lasting colour

Kjaer Weis 8.jpg

Velvety and smooth on the lips, with long wearing colour and extremely comfortable to wear, the Kjaer Weis Lipsticks would have to be in my personal top 5 brands.

Shades Adore, Affection and Honor are my go-tos!

Packaging :Refillable, recyclable metal

Ingredients: 100% natural, Certified Organic and Eco-Cert / Shades Love & Empower have less than 1% synthetic pigment

Wear: Highly pigmented, long-lasting colour (8-10hrs), minimal transfer

lily lolo almost famous rose gold lipstick 01.jpg

Lily Lolo lipsticks come in a great range of colours and are a budget-friendly option. one thing to note, due to being so creamy and moisturising, I found after a time, the bullet shifts in the tube to scrape against the side. It's not a huge issue, but it does destroy the bullet a bit if you aren't careful, or use a lip brush.

Packaging: Plastic tube

Ingredients: 100% natural and free from synthetic dyes

Wear: The colours are all very pigmented, and very creamy

LUK Beautifood Lipstick 14.jpg

LUK Beautifood are a lipstick meets lip balm. If you don't like lipstick but still want a touch of colour, these are for you. A few of the shades have more pigment, however, if you're after something brighter but love the hydration factor!

My personal favourite shades are Rose Lime & Tea Rose — both hit the brownish pink/nude tones perfectly!

Packaging :Recyclable metal tube

Ingredients: 100% natural 'edible' ingredients & certified organic ingredients

Wear: Very moisturising for the lips, not as intense pigment as a ‘regular’ lipstick

nudus amalia or dreamtime.jpg

The shades are incredibly versatile, well-thought out and universally flattering as most have an earthy tone that adjusts to suit your own skin tone and can look wildly different from person to person. One of my favourite brands!

The shade 27 Kisses is a cult-favourite worldwide with beauty bloggers & customers for that “my-lips-but-better” universally flattering nude. My own personal favourites include Dreamtime and Amalia.

Packaging :Plastic & metal tube

Ingredients: 100% natural, Certified Organic

Wear: Glides onto the lips effortlessly, intensely pigmented. Long-wearing 6-8hrs

vapour beauty lipstick chere-2.jpg

These lipsticks are really easy to reapply without a mirror (providing you aren't wearing something super fussy like bright red), and have a wide range of shades to suit all tastes.

I love the slim packaging (and the gorgeous pale blue tube) and feel of these lipsticks. They aren’t as long lasting as others, but still wear for several hours and fade without leaving a line around the edge of the lips or settling into lines!

Packaging: Recyclable metal tube

Ingredients: 70% Certified Organic, and 30% mineral pigments

Wear: Rich pigment, moisturising, no feathering/bleeding

Clove & Hallow 4.jpg

The Lip Creme glides onto the lips like butter, delivering rich, creamy pigment that stays put without any effort. It has a semi-matte finish but isn't drying in the least.

The feel of these is similar to the Ere Perez Cacao Lip Colours but feels slightly thicker.

Packaging: Recyclable metal tube

Ingredients: 90% natural ingredients, may contain synthetic pigments

Wear: Rich pigment, moisturising, no feathering/bleeding and long lasting

Have you tried any of these lipsticks, or eyeing any off? I hope this blog has been useful! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, email me, or ask via Instagram.

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