new to green beauty?

You might be wondering where to start. First off, what even is green beauty, and how do you know what products are natural and which are not? That’s what I’m here for. Bookmark this page as your quick-start guide because I’ve done all the hard work for you.

If you are completely new to green beauty and wondering where on earth to begin, I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of my ebook, The Healthy Glow. This book is essentially a guide to organic beauty, covering how to make the switch, what you should toss first, what ingredients you need to look for & avoid and it will equip you with all the tools you need to make confident, educated purchasing choices.

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A friend told me this brand is natural. How Do I tell if it is really “clean”?

Unfortunately, a product claiming to be natural, organic, cruelty free or vegan isn’t enough. Marketing claims mean very little, with loose labelling laws allowing many brands to use rather dubious claims that don’t match the ingredient deck on the reverse of the label, leading to a lot of confusion and a lot of “greenwashing”.

The only way to know if a product or brand is natural is to check the ingredient deck. You can check individual ingredients on sites like, or scan or search products with the ThinkDirty app. Both sites/apps provide more info about individual ingredients, and I have more resources below if you’d like to look more in-depth.

I have a brief ingredient guide here, along with more in-depth details in my e-book, The Healthy Glow, which teaches you what to look for on the ingredient deck & how to spot green-washing!

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Where do I find natural/organic Cosmetics?

I have a comprehensive shop directory here of the best Australian & International clean beauty retailers. All of these stores have strict standards and only carry the best in natural & organic beauty, so you don’t have to worry about if a product is really as natural as it claims to be.

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This e-book is the ultimate guide to all things clean beauty. Covering everything from how to spot green-washing to knowing your certifications & how to read an ingredient deck.

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Greenwashing is the term used to refer to brands or products that appear natural and/or organic from the front of the label, but in reality, there’s very little difference in the ingredient deck.

Usually the label is “green washed” with terms such as “with natural ingredients”, “Paraben free”, “free from artificial fragrance”, “with organic coconut extract” etc and/or a more earthy, eco-friendly style label.

Greenwashing also goes beyond the label, with online marketing or information on the brand’s website (or store) that implies the products are 100% natural and/or organic, when the opposite is true. The only way to spot a fake? Read the ingredient deck!

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Replace as you go

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to replace everything at once. Start replacing products as you empty them. Notice when you’re getting low on your body lotion, hand wash, foundation etc and start looking at natural alternatives.

For a more detailed guide on how to make the switch, see The Healthy Glow.


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would you like to look more in-depth?


I have compiled a list of some very useful tools and websites that make checking ingredients and information a breeze.

Beauty Truth

Founded by RMS Beauty's Rose Marie Swift, Beauty Truth has helpful information on ingredients to avoid, toxic ingredients, beauty tips and more.

Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

A brilliant resource for checking ingredients, and the research and studies related to them.

ThinkDirty App

With this app for iOS (Android coming soon!), you can scan the barcodes of just about everything in your bathroom cabinet and automatically get a list of ingredients and overall rating from 0 - 10.

It also includes an explanation of each ingredient along with a rating so you can see which are clean, and which are dirty.


EWG Skin Deep

This tool is a handy data base in which you can lookup individual ingredients. Not sure what that ingredient is? Type it in and you can get some basic information.

There is also now a SkinDeep app which is available for both iOS & Android users!